About Us

The Dandenong Basketball Referees Association (DBRA) was founded on February 25th, 1962 with its inaugural Annual Meeting being conducted in Dandenong on January 20th, 1963. Games were originally played at the Dandenong Market Stadium and other outside venues until the current venue was opened in 1991. 

After starting out with just twenty referees VBRA Dandenong now has over 150 referees registered with the branch, officiating over 6000 games each year for Dandenong Basketball.

The DBRA is today governed by an elected committee.  The committee represents all financial referees at Dandenong. The Committee is responsible for working conditions, discipline, social events, tribunal support and developing high expectations of the performance of all referees.

Current members are:

Tracey Russell             President

Eden Kastrati              Vice-President

Rob Lynch                   Secretary/Treasurer and Domestic committee representative

Jess Watt

Niam Westaway

Adam Craig

Adrian Poletko

Stadium Supervisors

Basketball Supervisors are appointed to every session of basketball at Dandenong Stadium. If you experience any issues or would like to seek clarification regarding referees or competition rules, then please seek your basketball supervisor immediately. They will be wearing a supervisor shirt.  For issues with Stadium matters including court and lighting or issues with other spectators or patron the Stadium Supervisor should be sought. 

Referee Advisor

The Referee Adviser is in charge of the referee development program at Dandenong. It is the Adviser’s responsibility to establish and improve a culture for achievement to higher levels of refereeing in a structure that adequately supports all referees, supervisors and referee coaches. Our current Referee Advisor is Allan Manhire.

You can contact our Referee Advisor at allan.manhire@dandenongbasketball.com.au

Referee Courses Coordinators

The Referee Courses Coordinators’ role is to coordinate and present the different referee schools to promote referees to higher accreditation levels. Currently our coordinators are:

Referee Coordinator – Allan Manhire

Life Members

Doug Shiels1969
Ron Burgess1972
Don Jose1973
Ivan Murphy1974
John Morgan1981
Bill Cooney1984
Doug Rowley1985
Daryl Moody1995
Charlie Hogan2005
Peter Reid2005
Bob Tyler2006
Nigel Dukes2008
Andrew Spalding2008
Arthur Payne2009
Ron Williams2009
Corey Neil2010
Allan Manhire2012
Daniel Banik2012
Robyn Manhire2015

FIBA Badge Referees

Ron Burgess1974
Scott Cogley1990
Vaughan Mayberry2000
Robyn Manhire2009

NBL Referees

Andrew O’Sullivan1974
Scott Cogley1993
Vaughan Mayberry1993
Daniel Banik2006

WNBL Referees

Michael Sellinger2004
Clinton Boyd2007
Robyn Manhire2008
Andrew Manhire2010